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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Life Insurance Vancouver understands the importance of your greatest asset: Your ability to earn an income. Should an accident or sickness occur that prevents you from performing your job, the income you relied on to pay your mortgage, bills and other monthly expenses suddenly stops. What do you do?

We work closely with our clients to make sure they are covered 24 hrs a day, on or off the job, should they find themselves faced with an illness or accident and unable to work.
    Disability Insurance    

Insure Yourself the Unknown

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance replaces your earned income should you have an incident leaving you unable to work. This monthly benefit takes care of you and your family and helps you move onto the next phase of your life while focusing on your recovery.

The bottom line is many people don’t ever think they could be disabled. But we all do mundane activities like driving cars that have incredible amounts of risk. Always expect the unexpected, and hopefully you will never have to recalibrate your life because of it.

Here are the reasons why disability insurance is important:
  Financial Protection: Instead of losing your home and savings, disability insurance provides the monthly income needed to pay your bills and focus on your recovery
  Peace of Mind: Live your life knowing that regardless of what may happen, you are protected and your family will not lose everything because you lost one part of who you are
Protecting yourself against life’s unknowns is critical, so contact Life Insurance Vancouver at (604) 648-8923 today to discuss the right coverage for your specific situation.


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