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Whole, Term and Mortgage Insurance

Compare Life Insurance Options

Once you have made the choice to trust Life Insurance Vancouver with protecting your family and/or business’ future, the next important consideration is what type of life insurance to select. This choice is very important – Call us at (604) 648-8923 to discuss a customized plan to fit your specific needs.
    Life Insurance    

Term Life Insurance Benefits

Term Insurance

Here are some benefits to choosing Term Life Insurance for your protection:
  Term Insurance has the lowest initial cost of coverage
  Level cost and coverage for 10, 20 or 30 years
  Guaranteed renewable at end of term with no proof of health needed
  Can convert to permanent policy at later date with no proof of health

Permanent Life Insurance Benefits

Whole Life/Universal Life Insurance

Here are some benefits to choosing Whole Life Insurance for your protection:
  Lifetime coverage
  Level cost of coverage
  Death benefits can grow over the lifetime of the policy
  Tax-sheltered cash value can grow within policy
  Excellent way to plan for estate taxes
  Though the upfront cost is more expensive, your long term net cost will be less
  Business owners can use corporately owned policies to withdraw retained earnings in a tax-efficient manner
  Can use cash values for income in retirement years
There are no hard and fast rules for considering one type of Life Insurance over another – the bottom line is you need to take a comprehensive inventory of your life and lifestyle along with your goals for your family or business’ future. At Life Insurance Vancouver, our goal is very simple – getting you the right policy so that you are protected today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

Don’t fret over the differences between the different types of insurance. Your job is to make sure protection is in place; our job at Life Insurance Vancouver is to make sure you know all of the options available.

Contact us at (604) 648-8923 or today so you can start protecting your future!


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